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Denmark Diaries: 2014 Revisited

I like the “year in review” style by the German blogger Anke Gröner (see here for 2013) and decided to copy it.

  1. More money or less? Less, much less. Copenhagen is unfortunately expensive.
  2. Have you spent more or less? More, see above: With the money that I paid on rent alone in Copenhagen, I could have paid my rent in Germany and have paid for all other expenses of the month.
  3. Did you move more or less? I moved more, especially in the second half of the year: I’m a big public transport fan in Germany, but in Copenhagen I cycle every day and in all weathers (and not just on good days like in Germany).
  4. The most inane plan? Looking for a doctor at the end of a quarter in another city who would only pull two stitches for a short time. Annoying search and ended up with someone who was more bad than good at it.
  5. The most dangerous undertaking? That one moment on the bike when I was sure that I’d get past the people waiting before the bus stopped and they wouldn’t start running. Ahem.
  6. The most expensive purchase? In addition to the aforementioned rent for the flat in Copenhagen: the second-hand bike for my time in Denmark. (But I was able to sell it a few days ago for a reasonable price)
  7. The tastiest food? When my Danish teacher invited the whole class round to her house and everyone brought food. And the pizza from Isola di Lampedusa (very close to the university) is the best I can remember.
  8. The most impressive book?Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer. I didn’t become a vegetarian after reading it, but for the first time I thought about what meat I want to eat and why.
  9. The most moving film? I really liked the somewhat sad elements of “Mistaken for Strangers”, even if the film isn’t gripping in the strictest sense.
  10. The best music album?Everyday Robots” by Damon Albarn. And “Trouble Will Find Me” by The National.
  11. The best concert? I’ve only just realised that I didn’t make it to any concerts this year. But the best event that came closest to a concert was Jacob Appelbaum’s talk at CPH:DOX.
  12. You spent most of your time with …? My highlighter and various university texts.
  13. You spent the best time with …? Madame.
  14. Prevailing feeling in 2014? Outside of my comfort zone. And fine with it.
  15. What did you do for the first time in 2014? Studied abroad. Cycled in winter. Lived alone. Bought an annual pass for a museum. Been the only person to see a film.
  16. What have you done again in 2014 after a long time? Learned a new language.
  17. Three things you could have done without? Realising in heavy rain that the bike is broken and carrying it half an hour to the underground/home. Looking for a flat in Copenhagen and the associated uncertainty. Only finding out a few days later that someone very important to me was in hospital.
  18. The most important thing I wanted to convince someone of? On two occasions: That I am the right person (both times in professional contexts).
  19. The best gift I’ve ever given someone? I believe: A sympathetic ear and understanding.
  20. The best present someone has ever given me? Trust and confidence.
  21. The best sentence someone has ever said to me? “Hey, we’ll sort it out, wherever you go.”
  22. The best sentence I’ve ever said to someone? “Have fun! Take care! And come back safe and sound!”
  23. 2014 in one word …? Variety.