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Denmark Diaries: Before the Journey

Weather forecast for Copenhagen
Weather forecast for Copenhagen (via duckduckgo)

Until Monday, I was actually quite relaxed - but now it’s there, the slight nervousness before jumping into the deep end again. The uncertainty of what it will be like - in just a few days.

Copenhagen is not my first move and my first city. (In fact, I suspect it’s not my most important move and not my most important new city. Constance is hard to beat, because it was and is important on so many levels). Still, there is a slight tingling in my stomach. Even though it’s not exactly the definition of exotic when the city I’m studying in is within easy reach of Germany by train.

At the moment, I’m still sorting out a few last things in Germany, packing my bags and trying to look forward to the new streets, the new routes and the new language in everyday life. Perhaps I won’t realise it until I turn the key in the lock of my Copenhagen apartment for the first time.