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Denmark Diaries: To Do: Finding an Apartment, Part 1

I had already realised that finding a place to live in Copenhagen would be no walk in the park. But the fact that I’d come so close to not even applying for a flat was unexpected.

A few weeks ago, the University of Mannheim had finally nominated me. From now on, the University of Copenhagen was primarily responsible for me. I had applied there again using a different online system (and understood this to be more of a formal step to be assigned to a department there and to clarify formalities such as language course registrations - but I will only see if this is really the case in the next few days).

After that, I didn’t hear anything for a while - and then, at the last minute, I fished an email out of the spam folder before I emptied it. Actually, I only give spam a cursory glance - GMail’s filter works pretty accurately. That’s why I almost deleted an important information email from the Housing Foundation of the University of Copenhagen, which contained important details such as instructions for the housing application, deadlines and fees.

So: first hurdle taken, no stumble, but definitely not elegant. Let’s see what it looks like when the application is actually activated…